Bellingham has shown up on another list of best places to live! ranked Bellingham #3 on a list of best places to live and work remotely. 

It turns out a lot of home buyers agree! We are getting flooded with buyers from all over that are moving to Bellingham for just that reason…they can.

Starting in the Pacific Northwest, we are getting a huge influx of home buyers who work for Amazon or Microsoft in Seattle, and many of these employers have been told they can permanently work from home. This is of course is happening all over the country, and Bellingham is of course a highly desirable city. For Seattle in particular, you are still a 1.5 hour drive from Seattle, and despite Bellingham home prices appreciating more every year, prices are still well below the Greater Seattle area.

This combined with lack of inventory and low interest rates has created a frenzy market, particularly under $750,000 in Bellingham. But really right through $1.5 million in Bellingham. It is like nothing I have been a part of in almost 18 years! It truly feels like multiple offers on every listing, and that is because there is multiple offers on almost every listing. 

I’m expecting an uptick in inventory the next 2-3 months, but that just means an uptick in sales activity. The back-log of buyers in our area is at an all-time high. And with the lack of new construction in Bellingham, the Bellingham market is poised to stay “hot” all year.

Here is the latest stats: