Below is a video update from the city port, showing the progress at the Granary building. This project is an important one for Bellingham as it is the first major project on the re-development of the waterfront.

Bellingham has been an area where buyers are attracted to the surroundings (lakes, incredible parks, the bay, the trails, the mountains, etc), the community itself, and Fairhaven is a beautiful shopping & restaurant district. Downtown Bellingham also has charm & wonderful coffee shops, breweries, restaurants & shopping…but the old refinery buildings that block off the waterfront has always been a bit of an eye sore, and obviously blocked the waterfront from being walk-able.

That is why this project is a real game changer. This will clearly make downtown even more attractive..for both locals, and out of area tourists.. Which in turn is great for Bellingham Real Estate over the long run.