I often get asked if the spring is the best time to sell your home, and it’s commonly thought that the winter is the worst time to list. Based on the market numbers for Whatcom county over the last 12 months, your chances of selling in the first 30 days, and getting top dollar is nearly equal, no matter what the month.

We can track home sales activity by how many months supply (how many homes on the market, divided by how many homes pended each month). In the spring and summer months, Whatcom County had a 2.6 month supply average (which is an appreciating market). Last month was a 3.7 month supply, which is in line with the rate of November & December of last year (a 3.6 month supply).

So there is more sales in the spring, but the difference between a 3 month supply and 2 month supply is inconsequential. If there is less then a 5 month supply of housing, prices are going up, and about 50% of homes are selling in the first month. So that is the case all winter long.

What happens is while there is less buyers looking, the inventory also shrinks. And there is always people moving! With the lack of competition, your home can stand out as the best option. Particularly in an appreciating market with high demand (like right now).

So when is the best time to sell? The best time is really when it’s best for YOU. There is a back log of buyers ready for new listings to come on, in all price ranges and neighborhoods right now.