For a few years now there has been an excellent zero down loan program available that many loan officers are not offering or promoting. Since the program is a lot of work for the loan officer, I have talked to some who say “I don’t do those”. And many others simply can’t offer the program since the bank or lender they are representing don’t offer it.
This awesome loan program is called a conventional state bond program, with support coming from Washington State Housing Finance Commission.


To qualify, you need to register for the class that is required. And your income and credit must meet the requirements for Whatcom County and Washington state. The maximum gross income limit for those that apply (household income) is $97,000. If your income is below this level and you have good credit and a solid job, it’s very likely you may qualify for zero down!
Two features of this program (besides the zero down) you need to know:
1) Unlike the other more popular zero down program (USDA) all areas of Whatcom County area eligible. (USDA is not eligible in city limits of Bellingham.
2) For those that qualify there is also a tax credit available to you from Washington State.

We know some great loan officers in Bellingham who not only offer this program, but specialize in it. We can help you with this process so contact us today for more.