Home buying in Blaine

Paul was such a huge help to us through this whole process. We spent about 2 months working with him from the initial search, to rounds of negotiating on multiple properties to closing. In the search for the right place, Paul took us through any house we wanted to see and suggested any more he thought we’d be interested in. He kept himself available to is 24/7 (literally) and was always quick to respond. In negotiations, he had our interests as priority and pushed for what we wanted. Paul is honest and never pushed us out of our comfort zone or budget, yet he was straight-forward with us if our expectations were unrealistic. In many instances, Paul worked directly with our mortgage lender to ensure an efficient process and thought ahead to prevent hiccups. There are plenty of small things we never thought a real estate agent would/should take care of that Paul spent his own time, energy and sometimes money to accomplish for us. He still hasn’t stopped working for us, even after closing. The seller on our property never came through on a repair that they agreed to, and Paul is covering it on his own to ensure we are whole and happy.

We highly recommend having Paul in your corner during the home buying process. He’s a fighter and he WORKS for you.