A Video Thank You. -Buying Bellingham Home Sight-Un-Seen

We live on the East Coast and plan to retire in the Bellingham, WA, area to be near family. We first met Paul in December 2016 while visiting the area and engaged him to represent us in our search for our dream retirement home. We let Paul know that we were in no rush to purchase the home as our retirement is still a few years away, but we wanted to become as familiar as possible with the market. Following our initial meeting, Paul kept in regular communication via email, sending listings about potential homes and speaking by phone whenever needed as our search continued. Unexpectedly in August, we received an email with a new listing about a newly built home that fit our expectations and our budget precisely. This was too good an opportunity to pass up, so we contacted Paul right away. From 3,000 miles away, Paul became our eyes and ears as we first decided to make an offer on the home and then, when the seller accepted our offer, worked our way through the home buying process. Paul made frequent trips to the home, sent us quite a number of videos and talked with us whenever needed. We truly got to know the home inside and out with Paul’s help. In just about five weeks from the time we first “discovered” this home, we completed every step of the process – all the paperwork, the home loan, inspection, closing process, everything – in complete confidence from our home on the East Coast. A month later, one of us traveled to Bellingham to see our new home and saw that all of our hopes and dreams about our home are, in fact, a reality. Paul far surpassed the expectations one might have of a real estate agent – he is tops in every way. We highly recommend him.