The first weekend of November, Sudden Valley’s community and HOA approved their largest HOA dues increase on record. Which is a combination of a dues increase and an assessment towards specific improvements. 

The dues will be:

$118.18 per month for undeveloped lots.

$127.37 per month for developed lots.

There is still also a buyer transfer fee paid of 1/4 of 1% of the purchase, plus $125 (usually works out to around $500) at closing as well. But that’s been in place for a couple of years. 

Keep in mind these are the community dues, which are separate from condo dues for the condos out there.

Talking to clients and friends who live in Sudden Valley…this has generally been considered positive news, and there was a lot of support behind it. Yes, this increases the cost of living in the community, but the amenities and common areas have become extremely dated and have been in need of updates for a long time. Updates that Sudden Valley lists will be improved with the new funding include:

-Parking lot resurfacing, including clubhouse, golf course, marina and all common area parking lots.

-Replacing and rebuilding the community center (the Dance Barn).

-Major work to common area retaining walls.

-Major improvements to the marina.

Detailed information can be found here.