According to the latest study by www.Lung.Org, Bellingham is ranked #3 in the country for cleanest U.S. Cities for Ozone Air Pollution, and #7 for cleanest U.S. cities for short term particle pollution. Bellingham had zero days of poor air quality last year according to the study.

Where as Seattle made the list (#15) for worst Short-Term Particle Pollution. 

Interestingly enough, many of the most polluted cities are in California, and then now add Seattle to the list…And Bellingham has seen a surge of retirees (and family’s) relocating to Bellingham from these areas. Typically this is for a quality of life change (less traffic, natural beauty, access to trails/lakes/bay). So while people are relocating to Bellingham for other reasons, many are getting the added health benefits of moving from cities where the air quality is one of the worst in the country, to one of the best. 

If you ever want to check the air quality in Bellingham or wherever you area, a great resource is